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It's Time for Tokes History
Let's have a bit of story time for the Tokers!
 2009 Princess was playing Pot Farm and found a stoner named BONG MAN who had just started a social site for stoners. SOF was a family we formed Via a Video Chatroom over the next few years, Finding stoners from all over the world. We started in Canada then moved to the US, eventually making our way to London, Denmark, Australia, Israel, you name it we had a toker there!
2011 GanjaGoddess and Princess started 420 Zone and started Finding our Tribe and Loving them Hard! 
2012 Princess decided it was time to pack up the Tribe and start to continue with our original dream of 
 50,000 likes on our like page, of a million stoner memes and Princess took her next big leap... selling Stoner gear so our Tribe could sport our name and the family that has supported them over the years.

Happy Healthy High
It all started March 18th, 2020, PotPrincess was live on it4t when covid lock downs started, people were scared a simple "hey y'all stay happy healthy high" turned into a saying that got us through the entire next yr of our lives! We (all our admins) banded together and cheered up people the only way we knew how... STONER MEMES ON OUR LIKE PAGE. In return we went from 15,000 likes to 50,000 likes in one year!  
Still growing 2023
This year Princess packed up and moved to the West Coast where she always said she would be! This move has opened doors for this tribe that can never be closed. We made our move to YouTube and started our next adventure away from the censorship of Facebook!
 Here we are 14 years later. PotPrincess, Bong Man, BooDidIt, Savage, Pokey, Jerky, Patsky, Sensi, Piki Niki, Jenni, Lebron, Amanda, Token Tim, Mr.Clean and so many more here to keep your smiling faces HAPPY HEALTHY AND HIGH because that is how we FIND OUR TRIBE LOVE THEM HARD!!!!!