Dashen Grizzly

Acoustic Songwriter

and so much more!


The Standard



  • Soliloquy 2008
  • Songs that Wrote Themselves 2009
  • Truth, at Last 2011
  • Trash Lounge 2013
  • Awry & Gray 2014

 I live in Eastern NC playing open mics regularly. I've lived in Philly, DC, and here in NC trying to broaden the number of stages I play on. I've been playing seriously for a decade now, I built my singing and rapping abilities along the way. Lyrics have been important since a first took in the value of good ones by listening to who inspires me. I write every day trying to mirror what is in my head on the paper and fret-board.

Its beyond fair to say that I gained the vast majority of my fans and friends over smoke sessions. 

As we say in here,