Come join us in some fun times! Live Music, Movies, Tokers Tokin, Stoner Christmas songs and so much more! 

It does cost to run this site and any lil bit of help counts!       

currently tryin to load the bong .. NO EVENTS ATM!

We are currently too blazed to organize anything but you might just catch us at a entertaining moment so just come get high with us and stop your bitchin! :P


Pot Princess  


 We have built this website for stoners from all over the world to come together and enjoy the natural medicine from the earth! We toke, we laugh, we have a good time, that is what it's about..

 We have some great things happening on the website right now..

 live acoustic sessions, Fan of the week on our like page, Holiday Parties 

We also have more things to come in the future such as 

A brand New Chat room Giveaways and much much more. 

Hope you stop in and check it out because Its Time for Tokes