"I've never found a religion I could fully accept, raised going to Sunday School- Episcopal. I went to 2 years of a catholic high school which cured me of organised religion forever. I now believe in having a good time"

From Max himself...  "My favorite moment on stage, fans were picked from the audience at last years Christmas show to smoke through my hookah guitar while I played. On stage in Philadelphia, the venue people just watched with their jaw dropped. I got yelled out a little after the show by a monster sized guy, but oh my god that a surreal and over the top fun moment. Take that Willie & Woody."


At the same show someone shared that we could smoke weed -back in the green room behind the stage. Since I show was about 60 people, once an hour I took a break from playing and invited the whole audience to join me in the green room. So everyone got up out of their chairs and walked over the stage & we crammed them all in.

 Favorite color is RED!

Favorite person ever- "I'd form into the question who would I most like to spend an evening partying with- Dean Martin - the king of cool.

Favorite munchies- "Funyons, I think I'm in love with the name though." Most inspiring- "Jack Herer. I went to Amsterdam and got to hang out with him in 1995 at the 8th Cannabis cup. He signed his book for me "Emperor Wears No Clothes", printed on hemp paper. Special edition. I treasure it."